Talk Of The Town

Talk of The Town was hosted by Toni Holt Kramer and Ruta Lee, and was one of the first shows of it’s kind throughout the 1990’s to attend fabulously glamorous shows and big events, not only in Hollywood, but around the world. Toni and Ruta attended all of these events not knowing who was going to be there, whether it be movie stars, television stars, sports figures or politicians. They interviewed each and everyone at every event and Talk of the Town became the most exciting and popular show of its time. Most interviewers were kept behind ropes and all you would see of them was their hand holding a microphone, not the interviewer. Toni and Ruta were to the contrary and could be seen from head to toe wearing the most fabulous gowns complimenting their exciting personalities. In fact, they became as sought after as the stars themselves. Read more and view archived shows.

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